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Occupation Profile video

Occupation Profile video

Occupation Profile video

The Occupation Profile

is a detailed overview of a single occupation

with information organized into these 6 categories

General Overview, Future Outlook, Wage Information, Education & Training, Job Details, Related Information

Let's take a closer look at each of them...

General Overview:  This categories show a quick description, similar career titles, a career video

A quick summary of the career

A list of related career titles

Career Video

Future Outlook: This category shows the likelihood of new jobs, projected employment changes over the next decade

Likelihood of future job opportunities

Expected change in the coming years

Wage Information: This category shows wage ranges, local and national, hourly and annual

View typical wages as a graph, chart, or table

Compare your location to the national average

Education & Training:  This category shows typical entry level requirements, average education level, certifications, licensing requirements, and apprenticeship options

Entry level requirements

Education programs near you

Typical education levels

Find information about Certification, Licensing requirements, Apprenticeship options

Job Details: This category shows in-depth details about the job, typical daily tasks

background knowledge and skills, common traits of people in this role

General subject knowledge, Typical activities done on the job, Typical tasks that would be completed

Skills, abilities, and interests commonly required for jobs in this occupation

Related Information:  This category shows links to related occupations, other resources

See links to other profiles of related occupations

A list of resources with additional information about this occupation 

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